The word 'Gaily' epitomizes Michelle’s thoughts on sweet treats and desserts, exuding brightness, attractiveness, and an ability to create cheerful and enjoyable moments. This aligns perfectly with the essence of the pastries she has concocted.

The initial interest in baking science sparked her curiosity and quickly evolved into a passion for creating delectable treats that her loved ones enjoy while experiencing pure joy as she discovers the artistry of baking and able to unleash her creativity by making subtle changes to craft a pastry that perfectly reflects her vision. As an idealist, she relishes the endless possibilities, variations, and transformations that the art of baking presents.


Throughout her baking journey, she has dedicated herself to refine her craft, seeking to extract the utmost from every experience and infusing her creations with her own personal flair, influenced by the things that inspire her. Stumbling upon a recipe for Hawaii Butter Mochi, she became captivated by the idea of adding its chewy texture to traditional desserts like bundt cakes and brownies.


Since then, Gaily Bakes has gained a reputation for our delectable mochi-infused creations.